Do you have a carpet complaint or problem that needs independent assessment by an experienced carpet consultant?

Are you looking for an Expert to resolve the issue?

If so, we can help.

We have many years of experience in the investigation of carpet complaints in contract locations and especially where the job is just too involved for local inspectors to undertake.  Perhaps legal action is being contemplated and a highly qualified expert witness is required.

All investigations are carried out by Dr Eric Brown who has undertaken inspections in the USA, Canada, Oman, Iran, Jordan and more than 10 European Countries.  These have involved carpet problems in casinos, hotels, restaurants, corporate headquarters and on cruise ships, even Royal Yachts.

Each investigation is supported by a formal report complemented by photographs and any testing necessary to reach a definitive conclusion that challenges contradiction.

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Our Expertise

Dr Eric Brown has been involved in the Investigation of Carpet Complaints since 1975 when he was Head of Technical Services at WIRA (The Wool Industries Research Association) and has since been involved in numerous cases as an Expert Witness. This means that, with more than thirty five years experience all carpet problems, no matter how obscure, are tackled with confidence.

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A number of textbooks are also available. These include An Introduction to Carpet Cleaning and Diagnostic Techniques for the Investigation of Carpet Complaints.

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