Typical Complaints

Some of the Complaints we have Investigated include:

An extreme example of Pile Reversal in a hotel lobby. We were able to reassure the hotel management that this is not a fault and that life expectancy would not be affected. Pile reversal is probably the most common of all carpet complaints.

Colour Bleeding as a result of poor maintenance on cruise ship. Carpet was found to be in an alkaline condition as a result of using incorrect cleaning chemicals. Although convinced that this was a genuine carpet complaint the ship's owners ultimately recognised this to be a training issue.

Premature Soiling and partial restoration of casino carpet. Casino operators believed that the yellow had faded. We were able to demonstrate that it was merely dirty.

Installation Damage in corporate headquarters. Occupiers were able to bring a successful claim against installers.

Spooling Error in Axminster Carpet in gourmet restaurant. This clearly is a bona fide carpet complaint and the fault was rectified by re-tufting at manufacturer’s expense.

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